Be informed.

Costs can vary greatly between developments.
It's important to be informed before starting a project.

Costs involved

Primary Costs

To service the site you will generally need to construct new services or new connections to existing services (power, water, phone, gas), private drainage and site access. This may involve extending public systems, forming a driveway and possibly a new vehicle crossing.

Other costs will include survey plans and subdivision preparation, site management and certification, Land Information (LINZ) processing fees, and legal fees.

Additional Costs

Some of the following costs may also apply: flood report, infrastructure capacity investigation, arborist report, contamination report, noise/vibration report, geotechnical investigation, pre-lodgement meetings, re-laying services to existing house, excavation, retaining, fencing, building alterations or relocation, demolition, concrete removal, drainage video survey, tree removal and/or replacement required.

Council Fees

All developments where a new lot or building site is created incur a council Development Contribution, which is your share towards local amenities and infrastructure such as roading and public facilities.

Council also charges a fee for processing subdivision and resource consent applications.

The creation of new sites can impact on existing Council services in the area, which may then need upgrading to meet increased demand. Financial contributions for upgrading water supply, sewerage, storm water treatment and disposal, and for road upgrades may be required.

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